Little Maplestead now has its own Village Emergency Telephone Scheme.

VETS is designed to assist in a lone-rescuer situation, where someone aiding a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest has to stay with the patient but needs help in getting a defibrillator.

It works like this: after ringing the Emergency Services on 999, the rescuer calls the unique Little Maplestead VETS number:

01787 852 252

This number rings telephones simultaneously in all the VETS volunteers’ homes, until someone answers and is able to assist.

Defib LocationsThe rescuer then tells the responder the location of the incident so that the responder can collect one of the two village defibrillators, take it to the patient and assist the rescuer until the Emergency Services arrive.

The defibrillators are located near the Postbox in Gestingthorpe Road and in the Little India Car Park, near the recycling bins. The equipment should be used in conjunction with Call Push Response (CPR); pictures of the defibrillator locations, and instructions about how to perform CPR, can be found here.

If you would like to become a VETS volunteer, or would like to discuss the scheme in more detail, please contact Bill Piper.